ÖZKAN ELAGÖZ – biography


Özkan Elagöz is the first artist who has been able to take the “akkase” technique, which is a very difficult type of paper marbling, and apply it under the glazing of porcelain and ceramic objects.

Some of his artwork is owned by art collectors, and he has held various exhibitions in America, Kuwait, South Korea and Turkey.

Özkan Elagöz is registered with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and works in the city of Kütahya, which is featured in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. He produces art using a special marbling technique of his own called “layers”.

He also produces modern artwork using another technique he has developed called ‘textured cracking’. Elagöz is able to use materials discarded as waste by porcelain factories as they are reworking their products, thereby producing art from recycled waste material.

Every created thing, whether living or inanimate, has its own unique surface textures. These surfaces undergo changes due to the various internal and external forces they are exposed to in our universe.

Unfortunately, they do not remain as they were first created.

Deserts, mountains, riverbeds, valleys, canyons, river deltas and tree trunks all change over time and continue to change as time goes on. The textures of these objects provide the inspiration for his artwork.

By producing unique, custom-designed pieces with his special technique, Elagöz produces art that is capable of leaving a beautiful mark on the world’s cultural heritage.